Humans will work with AI-based intelligent digital agents, or “Digibots,” on the Retro Safe Robot platform. The Digibots are digital representations of robots that can perform a wide variety of tasks for small businesses.

“A Digibot example would be an accounting robot that takes care of your accounting through the Retro Safe Robot platform,” Burleson said. The platform would enable human freelancers (Specialists) to step in and handle problems the Digibot is unable to deal with.

Examples of Digibots include accounting solutions and automated payment systems, Burleson explained. The plan for the Digibots to do all the back-office drudgery needed to keep a business running.

“The people will have a greater satisfaction if we can get rid of the drudgery from the jobs,” Archer said.

A goal of the Digibots is to put AI and robotics now available to large corporations into the hands of small business, Burleson said. Small businesses are not benefiting from current AI and robotics solutions.

Retro Safe Robot intends to change that with its Digibots and Mechbots. The Mechbots are traditional mechanical robots designed to work with the Digibots and human pilots on the Aitheon blockchain.

“They’re going to be able to use the tools that have only been available to big business,” Burleson said of entrepreneurs that use the Retro Safe Robot platform. “They’ll be able to create their own robots or use other company’s robots on the system.”

Individuals will even be able to sell customized solutions for robots through Retro Safe Robot or rent the services of robots at other locations. Businesses will go onto the platform to buy those services, or hire pilots to run their robots. Firms would also be able to hire human specialists to back up the Digibots through the platform.

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